July 09, 2006

Radar days

Rain water flowing illegally into a holding tank"Radar days" are a summer phenomenon, when I spot clouds over the ridge to the west and load the Web page for Pueblo weather radar to see if any thunderstorms are developing and if they might rain here. (Please, pretty please.)

This week, it's been more like "Oh gawd, there's more." Or perhaps, "Here is the rain that you had on backorder."

My informal total for the week is 3.2 inches (8.1 cm), which is not much in some places but an awful lot for mountains to absorb, unless it comes as snow. Some areas have had more--roads are washed out and new ponds have appeared.

I took the photo of one of our rainwater tanks filling a week ago. They have been overflowing ever since. It is technically illegal under Colorado's complex water law to catch ("divert") rainwater, I am told, although I have never heard of anyone being prosecuted. After all, it will go onto the vegetable garden in its mini-drainage of orgin. No inter-gully transfers here.

The plumbeous vireo nest that I photographed on the 4th was empty on the 8th. Did the nestlings fledge that fast or did a predator get them? Quick research says that vireos need something like 12 days from hatching to fledging, but I do not know when these birds hatched. The female adult was still in the area.

Today, a 60-percent chance of heavy rain, and then some drier days.

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