September 20, 2006

My new political niche

Rod "Crunchy Con" Dreher talks about the "Party of Greed" (GOP) and the "Party of Lust" (Dems).

Uber-blogger Kim Du Toit writes of the "Evil Party" (Dems) and the "Stupid Party" (GOP). (I guess he is the guy in the "I'm with Stupid" T-shirt.)

Dad belonged both to the National Rifle Association and also to the Sierra Club, so I reckon that my tendency to hate neat little political niches is genetic.

When I walked into the Pueblo, Colorado, courthouse to register to vote, some years ago, I chose Democrat for my party affiliation mainly because (a) Richard Nixon was president and (b) in Pueblo, all the action was Democratic.

But I have no idea what is going on with the national party. All their machine-signed letters from Bill Clinton go right into the post office wastebasket. The state level is a little better: so far, I am OK with the Brothers Salazar as my congressional delegation.

Today, though, I came up with my own political niche: Feral Democrat. Formerly domesticated, I am now likely to run away from or to bite anyone who thinks that they own my political allegiance.

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Jake Allsop said...

It is so refreshing to read that other people's politics are just as messed up as ours in the UK. Here, we have had a kind of convergence, so it is hard to separate the three main parties over a whole range of issues. So what happens? It's all about personalities now. Politics has become a branch of show business.
Love your blog by the way.