September 17, 2006

"Two sticks on my legs"

Weather forecasters are predicting another El Niño winter.

Our last was 1997-98, when it snowed almost three feet on the day after Thanksgiving, snow that never melted until spring.

At least we could go skiing and snowshoeing right out the door.

Snow fell in the high mountains last night.

"The studies connect the currents in our area with El Niño," said Dan Zumpfe, a National Weather Service meteorologist in Grand Junction. "This is a plausible explanation of what might happen."

The studies match up to the
Old Farmer's Almanac, which predicts snowier conditions in mid-November because of the effects of El Niño.

Ian McCallum, a Hassle Free Sports ski technician, said he believes it will be an early season. "We've had quite a lot of rain, and there is already snow on the mountains," he said.

Fleece hat tip to Coyote Gulch, your one-stop source for Colorado water news.

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gl. said...

wow, i remember that winter! we had snow hip deep and power out for two days, even in pueblo, which was a rarity.

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