November 29, 2007

Blog Stew on the Purg

¶ In September I mentioned Michael Ome Untiedt's impressionist paintings of the SE Colorado canyon country. Some are on his site too. He also has a show opening on Wed., Dec. 5, at Ernest Fuller Fine Art in Denver and running through Jan. 25, 2008.

Timothy Smith's blog about birds and other wildlife attracted to British landfills may be found under "Elsewhere."

Pondering Pikaia is another natural history blog, this one from Alabama, and hence under "Elsewhere" too.

Tucson Weekly interviews J.P.S. Brown.

If you ask Brown who he is, he'll say "cowboy." He won't say reporter, Marine, boxer, movie wrangler, stuntman or whiskey smuggler, and he's been all those things.

If he says writer at all, it won't be first on the list. But he's a great writer, probably the best you've never heard of.


Steve Bodio said...

Joe Brown is amazing. I spent some time with him at a multiple authors signing in Tucson with him a number of years ago. I had brought a copy of Forests of the Night--- must read book-- for him to sign and he regaled me with tales of smuggling cattle out of Mexico with an old Magdalena cowboy I knew. Hope he finally gets his due. Maybe the Coen brothers should film Forests?

Chas S. Clifton said...

And when he deals with some of the same terrain as the more-vaunted Cormac McCarthy, I would say that Brown has a tighter writing style.

Steve Bodio said...

Amen to that!

mdmnm said...

Just saw a JPS Brown first edition in Abq for $40.