November 07, 2007

We're Number Eight!

Pueblo makes it to number eight on "Top 101 cities with the largest differences between daily high and daily low temperatures (population 50,000+).

Several other Colorado municipalities also score high.

Since the Pueblo economic development people are always desperate for a gimmick (although chile peppers are working well), maybe they can do something with this.

Puebloans, however, as not as well-armed as people in Colorado Springs or Teller County (Woodland Park, Cripple Creek, Divide), and, contrary to local mythology, they do not even place in the top 101 on alcohol consumption.


mdmnm said...

Interesting with respect to the temps. Rio Rancho, NM, at #9, is up on the mesa overlooking the Rio Grande Valley and some fifteen or so miles north of the airport (also on a mesa overlooking the river) where the official Albuquerque temperature is taken. Nonetheless, Albuquerque is all the way down at #46.

Anonymous said...

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