November 10, 2007

"Those deer are agressive. . . "

Via Steve Bodio, this side-splitting New York Times piece on anxious displaced city folks in the woods:

"Four hours east, in Estes Park [Colorado], Natalie Galyon, a photographer who lives in Dallas, was recently host of a friend’s bachelorette party at her cabin overlooking the Big Thompson River. 'When a herd of elk jammed the road, we got out of the car to take photos, but one of the girls stood by the car guarding everyone’s purses, when we were the only people in sight,' said Ms. Galyon, 32, 'and each night they would shut all the blinds, even though we were on a cliff in the middle of nowhere.'”

As soon as I learn of any purse-snatching elk, I will be the first to blog it. Read the whole thing.

This article goes into the illegal photocopied anthology for this spring's nature-writing class, for sure.


Anonymous said...

The part that totally blew me away was the first couple, with the expensive alarm system. What the hell? If a deer sets off your alarm, what on God's green earth are you going to do about it? Call the cops?

Anna Mills said...

Awesome! Purse-snatching elk sounds like a Monty Python bit. I'm glad I discovered this blog, and I'll keep following it for more on your experiences teaching nature writing.