June 21, 2008

Blog Stew by Zip Code

¶ ZipcodeZoo is a site that tries to localize information about wildlife. It has special features for teachers, lets you build "life lists" of animals, offers quizzes, and so on. A lot of the information on my "personalized home page" is general Colorado information, not Wet Mountains information, but I still like the concept.

¶ Doesn't "fantasy fishing" destroy the whole point of going fishing?

¶ Another local-content wildlife web site is eBird, from the Cornell ornithology lab.

eBird's goal is to maximize the utility and accessibility of the vast numbers of bird observations made each year by recreational and professional bird watchers. It is amassing one of the largest and fastest growing biodiversity data resources in existence. For example, in 2006, participants reported more than 4.3 million bird
observations across North America.

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