June 02, 2008

Blog Stew with Vodka

Peculiar Fishing

One of my favorite movies is The Cuckoo, a wartime drama (but not a "war story") set in a remote corner of Finland and directed by a Russian, Aleksandr Rogozhkin.

Netflix finally delivered one of his earlier works, Peculiarities of the National Fishing (title literally translated from Russian). Think of Caddyshack mixed with Cheech and Chong, with vodka playing the role that marijuana plays in the latter.

There is a Peculiarities of the National Hunting too, but I have not yet located it.

Some Australian Thinks You Should be Dead

The latest in antipodean environmental education. No doubt the "calculator" works because the intended audience is (a) too young to drive (b) pays no utility bills and (c) gets a free ride on their should-be-dead parents' carbon footprint.

And yet it says nothing about vodka consumption.

Expanding Tribal Lands, One Warranty Deed at a Time

Another article on Indian tribes buying their traditional lands for cash. In terms of total acres, the Navajos are probably ahead, having purchased more than 2.5 million acres.

'Burn in Hell, You Bastard -- and the Same Goes for All You Ponderosa Pine Trees!'

Terry Lynn "Oops, now what do I do?" Barton is out of prison. She does not yet have a job. Please don't let the Forest Service take her back.

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