September 02, 2008

More Blog Stew

¶ Knowing that mountain lions are just about everywhere, the Colorado Division of Wildlife is studying their interaction with us. "Adverse conditioning" may prove a challenge.

¶ Being a police dog in Scottsdale, Ariz., is a tough life: Watch out for the K-9 officers.

¶ Visit Ecodriving and Governors John Ritter of Colorado and Arnold Schwarzenegger of Kalifornia will tell you how to save gasoline. It's all good advice that your grandparents could have given, but prettily packaged and put online with Flash, etc.

¶ Read Mary Scriver's post on rez dogs and pye dogs:

I try to be anti-romantic and not overly idealistic. Rez dogs, pye dogs, may have a lot to teach us about our need to impose ownership and neatness on the world.

¶ Chris Wemmer dissects an anti-camera trap article from Slate.

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