September 25, 2008

Digital Camouflage Comes to the Hunting World

On my recent trip to North Dakota, I was in two Cabela's stores, both dominated by racks and racks of camouflage clothing. (Ninety percent of it is the wrong colors for the Rockies, but that is a separate rant.)

The Optifade digital camo described by John Tierney has not made it into the stores yet, but I am sure it will soon enough. Tierney's longer article is here.

(Tierney's blog comments turn into the predictable pro- and anti-hunting positions. Skip 'em.)

Whatever hunting clothes you wear, you might consider washing them with something that does not contain optical brighteners. (Read the detergent label.) Birds and animals can see farther into the ultraviolet than we do, and the brighteners make the clothing reflect more UV light. Some specialized detergents such as Atsko's Sportwash deliberately leave them out of their formulas.

(Via David Hardy.)


Sawtooth said...

If you want a camo pattern that's good for the Rockies, take a look at Cabelas Outfitter Camo. It's only offered in selected garments, like the Microtex, which is an excellent synthetic fabric. Then wash it in Sportwash. ;)

Kirk Mantay said...

Ha ha, the Outfitter camo IS great - probably the best overall. But it's more about the texture of the fabric than the camo pattern. Columbia has been selling similar wool outfitters stuff for years. Great if you can afford it!

Chas S. Clifton said...

I agree that the "Outfitter" camo looks good for the West. In fact, I ran into a guide outside Dubois, Wyoming, who was wearing it.

Next best is probably the Army "Woodland," otherwise known as "salad."

Or be like Fred Bear and just wear dark plaids.

Camo iPhone 4 Case said...

I agree with Sawtooth. Cabelas has so many different types of camo patterns that you can't go wrong. You'll be sure to find something there to fit the Rockies' outdoor scene perfectly. Thanks for the post!