September 14, 2008

A Commonplace

Galen Geer and Cookie, North Dakota, September 2008Ther is a saying emong hunters that he cannot be a gentleman whyche loveth not hawkyng and hunting, which I have hard old woodmen wel allow as an approved sentence among them. The like sayinge is that hee cannot be a gentleman whych loveth not a dogge.

Anonymous, The Institucion of a Gentleman, 1555.

Galen Geer with Cookie, a German wirehaired pointer, Griggs Co., North Dakota.


Anonymous said...

So, are you chasing birds up there? We happened on to about a dozen dusky grouse here at home last weekend, and took one nice big one.

Anonymous said...

tell galen hi for me. i keep meaning to send pictures of you shooting, but i can't think of a witty enough title: i'm currently leaning towards something about special agents vs. post modernists.

Chas S. Clifton said...

Sawtooth -- I am in search of the semi-mythical North Dakota sharp-tailed grouse. Seriously, the dogs keep finding where they were, as opposed to where they are. It's a big prairie.

Jason -- Send me the photos, wittily or not.

Steve Bodio said...

I'm stealing that!

Unknown said...
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