May 29, 2009

Blog Stew with Mystery Mustelids

• A landowner near Granada, Colorado, sees more water after tamarisk is controlled--but it's a constant fight.

• An Englishman tries to "go green" with a home wind turbine. He goes through all the planning bureaucracy, builds it, and ends up facing the dreaded ASBO, not to mention a big fine.

"Everyone is encouraged to be environmentally friendly, and we wanted to do our bit. We never dreamed that going green would land us in court and £25,000 out of pocket."

• A game camera verifies that re-introduced fishers have been reproducing in Washington state. As for our mystery beasts of four years ago and earlier, the jury is still out whether they were fishers or just big pine martens.

• Playing paintball with coyotes.


mdmnm said...

A few years ago I saw some really big weasel-type tracks up in the southern San Juans in some snow. The prints were nice and distinct and, from the distance apart, the critter was pushing a couple of feet long. Way bigger than any weasel or pine marten, that's for sure.

Chas S. Clifton said...

Maybe fishers are becoming the yeti of Colorado...