July 25, 2009

Bear versus "Bear-Proof" Container

Via Camera Trap Codger, a New York Times piece on an Aidirondack black bear who can open the latest back-country food-storage container.

In the process, [one particular female] has emerged as a near-mythical creature in the High Peaks region of the northeastern Adirondacks.

On the local bear scene, the big cinnamon bear that I photographed earlier came back a couple of evenings ago, right at dusk. Fisher, the new dog, was outside. He must have smelled it, because he took off up the ridge to where it was--but he came back when I called. (Good dog!) And although I could see the bear from the back steps, it did not stay in sight long enough for me to fetch my camera.

So I have set a scout camera in the general area where it was, in hopes that it will stroll past.

We have been seeing more flipped-over stones (dinner-plate size or larger) in that area up behind the house. For the sake of the lichens on their surfaces, I have been replacing them right-side-up. And then I think, how weird it is to clean up after bears?

1 comment:

Beverly said...

Awwwwwwwww I don't think it's wierd. I think it's way cool.

You have a REALLY good dog there...my dog (bred to run off lions and bears and wolves and things (Akbash Dog)), will NOT come when he smells a bear; and this time of year it is almost nightly.

I sure wish our town would insist on bear-proof trash containers and bringing in bird-feeders at night. We just invite them and then shoot 'em when they come to often. Go figure...