November 19, 2010

Off to the Boone's Lick Country

M. and I are packing for a trip to the Boone's Lick Country. For the next week, this may be a cross-country photo blog.

Some small business related to my late sister's estate remains in Little Dixie, but I don't think that I need to see Moberly, Huntsville, or for that matter Clifton Hill, again.

To put ourselves in the mood, we watched Winter's Bone. Of course, that is southwestern Missouri, not the central part. No similarities, nope, not at all, no sir.

But in addition to family, we intend to focus more on historic hotels, sightseeing, and wineries.


Kansas Scout said...

Re: Winter's Bone
The actual location of the story per the author was an area just south of
West Plains Mo which is in the South Central part of Mo. The film was shot in SW Mo however. The culture was definitely South Central Mo. Yes there is a difference.
(from a former Mo resident now of ks in KC)

Chas S. Clifton said...

Some reaction of the "movie makes us look like cousin-humping meth cooks" variety.

Since the town of Springfield is referenced in the book, and Springfield has long traded on a touristy "hillbilly kitsch," is Springfield southwestern or south central?

(Written from Boonville on the 22nd instant, November 2010.)