January 17, 2012

SHOT Show Day 1: Media Range Day

At a shooting range near Boulder City, Nevada, a portion of the Range Day layout.
From a distance it looks like a camp of desert nomads — heavily armed nomads. It's Media Range Day at the SHOT Show, when everyone with a press credential can interact with products that go bang, not to mention acres of "tactical" gear.
Twenty rounds don't last long.

The crackle of pistol fire, the boom of hunting rifles, the snap of shotguns at the sporting clays ranges —  all are constant, underlain by the occasional thudding of the Gatling gun.

Yes, I have seen the elephant. Or at least I have fired the replica 1877 Gatling Gun, chambered in .45-70. It is Mr. Gatling's Terrible Marvel.

If I had $50,000 lying around, Colt would sell me one.

Everyone got twenty rounds — notice the pile of cartridge cases under the gun.

Big, heavy, slower to traverse and elevate than modern weapons, but it puts a lot of lead downrange real quick. (With modern smokeless powder, you can see exactly where the bullets are going.)

Its loading system was developed from a seed-planter. That sort of reverses the biblical verse about beating swords into plowshares.

More SHOT Show posts on the way.


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

must suppress growing jealous rage

Chas S. Clifton said...

There is a British pavilion (photo coming) at SHOT Show. You just to cozy up to the exhibitors ... or, with your blog, you could get media credentials.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

The search function dosent seem to turn anyone up, bound to be some nice stuff from H&H ect. RPA (very nice tactical rifles) are currently out of business, it'd be interesting to see who went. Garb me a media pack if they're dishing one out - I'd like to know how the british council is supporting them.