January 20, 2012

SHOT Show: Some Product Notes

A random walk through the Media Range Day booths and elsewhere . . .

Viridian's green-dot laser is easy to see. Its color probably is close to the middle of the human visual spectrum, which makes for high visibility under many outdoor conditions. Just don't wear amber shooting glasses when using it.

I shot the Caracal 9mm semi-auto pistol, standard and compact models, made in Abu Dhabi, where, as the press kit says, it is "like the leadership of its motherland ... determined, ambitious." This was the company's first appearance at SHOT Show.

It felt comfortable and lightweight  (polymer frame). I liked the sights, and I seemed to be shooting it well (no formal scoring involved). I will let the gun-gearheads give the final long-term assessment

A caracal is a wild desert cat. Wikipedia lists the pistols' features better than the company web site does.

Still in the Middle East, so to speak, I visited the Sarsilmaz booth and shot some clays with their full-camo semi-auto shotgun. I seem to do a lot of waterfowling under bright, sunny skies, and I like non-reflective shotguns that you can drop in the mud without worries. This is one of those. And I was shooting pretty well (for me) with it—better than I did later with a Browning Citori over-and-under, even though the Citori is a prettier gun.  (But I still got a prize, because every dog gets a ribbon.)

The size of the Turkish arms industry was one of the things I learned at SHOT Show. A number of firms were represented, both in terms of manufacturing their own products and manufacturing for other well-known names, such as Weatherby. I have nothing good to say about the Ottoman Empire, but it apparently fostered Turkish gun-building—or at least that is the myth of origin.

Based on the Dorrington jacket.
 • A persistent Internet meme among gunbloggers is the "shoot-me vest." I don't own one. But I would own some of the garments in the Woolrich Elite "tactical" (that word again) line.

Woolrich has long made good outdoor clothing. These shirts, jackets, and pants either have features to facilitate concealed carry (like tear-away side seams whose hook-and-loop fasteners facilitate access to a belt holster, or they have large, reinforced hidden pockets.

Yes, there are vests too. But this twill jacket might be more versatile in cooler climates. (Suggested retail price $140.)


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

"like the leadership of its motherland ... determined, ambitious."



Chas S. Clifton said...

It is sad when the Wikipedia entry about your guns offers better technical information than the DVD that is given out as a video press kit. Lots of touristic images of the scenic United Arab Emirates though.