May 18, 2012

50 Things to Do before You're 12

I think that I managed most of these. Geocaching had not been invented, and I did not see a seaside rock pool until I was in my teens. Ditto wild blackberries— do chokecherries count? (Via Free Range Kids)


LabRat said...

Rather culturally specific. Of the few I hadn't done before I was 12, most of them were "...What?". I still have no real idea what conkers is.

The rest were "tried, but I was crap at them".

Chas S. Clifton said...

"Conkers" defined.

For an American, substitute a playground game of marbles maybe.

Darrell said...

We grew up picking blackberries, our mom made great jam and jelly with them, as well as blackberry cobbler. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Lyme disease got bad where I'm from, people quit picking blackberries. That's a shame.