May 18, 2012

Bad Fire Season Forecast for Colorado's Western Slope

The fire season could be "volatile," says the supervisor of the White River National Forest — which is, incidentally, Colorado's most heavily used forest for recreational purposes, thanks to the ski areas.

According to the Aspen Daily News, supervisor Scott Fitzwilliams gave Pitkin County residents the usual advice:
Fitzwilliams and the [county] commissioners encouraged local residents to create “defensible space” around homes by clearing limbs and tinder. Information on what homeowners can do to protect themselves is available at

He warned that some subdivisions in the county are so precariously placed, firefighters are unlikely to defend them in the event of a fire.
For a technical briefing applicable to Colorado, Wyoming, and the Black Hills, watch this seven-minute video. La Niña is weakening;  that is the good news. The bad news is the Western Slope snow pack at 20-25 percent of average.

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