May 16, 2012

Interior Dept. Ranks Wind Turbines over Eagles

The US Department of the Interior, the Honorable Ken Salazar presiding, is expanding permits for wind farms' permissible chopping up of eagles.

But look on the bright side. American Indians who have been complaining about how sluggish the feds are in filling their requests for eagle parts for ceremonial uses will now have more birds to choose from.

More here. Vague mentions of "mitigation" and "conservation."

Yet in California, tribal governments sue to stop wind farms. Life is complicated. Who are the "bad guys"?

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Reid Farmer said...

But not over condors. That's turning into a big issue for California windfarms in the Tehachapi area. Operators have to do daily sweeps of the farms to find and haul away any animal carcasses that might attract condors