April 07, 2013

Back in Remedial Firefighter School

I spent parts of the last two afternoons on the computer, taking an online version of  S-190, one of the basic wildland firefighting courses that qualifies you for your federal "red card." (Which stopped being red in 2010, I think.)

This is like being sent back to middle school, but what happened when I and others from my department took these courses in Nearby Town several years ago was that the former (note qualifier) assistant chief never turned in the paperwork to the feds.

We passed our physical tests, went back each year for refreshers, etc., but apparently we had fallen through the cracks. So now we are starting all over again. Bother.

But now you can do the courses and multiple-choice tests online, although a qualified instructor still has to come in at the end. It's a hoot. Every so often there is a review quiz, and if you get 100 percent right, you get a cheery congratulatory message on the screen.

Such as this one: "You're on fire!"

Dude, I don't want to be on fire, that's the whole point here.

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