April 12, 2013

"If coyotes were as big as minivans . . ."

. . . degenerative diseases would not be as much of a problem, as the doctor notes.


Unknown said...

Wow! Wasn't anything like I expected but very thought provoking. I've wondered myself if today's society simply didn't have any issues significantly serious to take it's mind off the vacuous twaddle we occupy ourselves with everyday. Not to mention Doritos.

Steve Bodio said...

"If coyotes..."

Given my own condition, I would not have sold my .375 H & H or my Marlin guide gun.

Also, you don't have to resort to the Paleolithic. What about Africa ca 1900?

Tam said...

As Marko and I used to put it: "What this planet needs is a twenty-foot flying predator."