April 28, 2013

Solving a Cryptozoological Puzzle

The "Edwardian lynx" in the Bristol Museum
This is not a southern Rockies post, just so you will know. We have lynx (re-introduced), and we like them.

Science writer Darren Naish shows how the puzzle of a lynx(?) shot in southwestern England in about 1903 can be solved using modern technology.

I have been in that museum, but I do not remember the stuffed lynx. What I do remember from the wildlife collection is staring for a while at this.

Naish's piece, however, is an elegant summary of what can be done with older taxidermy specimens.

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PBurns said...

A foreign pet kept in a cage and that escapes and is shot dead with 48 hours. The REAL story is that the Brits killed off their bear and their wolf and now have nothing really fierce and so they invent.