July 05, 2013

Permits for Eating Factory-Farmed Meat: A Modest Proposal

Having laid out her hunting fees — "Eastern Wild turkey costs me $25 in addition to what I paid for my hunting license. The permit is $20, the tagging fee is $5" — Maine blogger Robin Follette starts wondering if every meat eater should not pay.
My money funds conservation. Is it really all that far-fetched that a factory farm fee subsidize factory farming so non-factory farmed meat eating taxpayers don’t have to?
From thence, she develops a modest proposal including behavioral guidelines for non-hunters.
I’ve been thinking about it for four days. Here’s the start of my plan to keep hunters and non-hunting meat eaters who are offended by hunting on an even keel. Don’t stop reading no matter how ridiculous this starts to sound. When you get to the end you’ll find the comment section. Please let me know what I’ve over looked. I am truly interested in everyone’s point of view.
Read the rest: "Don't Offend the Non-Hunters."

(Via Tovar Cerulli,whose vegan-turned-hunter narrative has been getting more ink lately.)

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Robin Follette said...

Thank you for sharing the link to my blog. I appreciate it. Never in a million years would this happen but if it makes a few people think about it on a personal level, I'm happy.