June 28, 2016

Bojon Pride

The license-plate holder reads, "Happiness is being Slovenian."

It was the big "Slivovitz" decal in the pickup's rear window that caught my eye. "Bojon" or "bojohn" is Southern Coloradan for a person of Slovenian descent, but also is applied to people with roots anywhere in Eastern Europe.

See also, "You might be from Pueblo if . . . "

Spotted yesterday on Union Avenue, itself now dignified as the Historic District — not part of what is traditionally considered Bojon Town, but not far away.

The neighborhood is not what it used to be, and the big topic is being a Superfund site and all the ramifications of that.

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Darrell said...

The Bojon Town stories remind me of Stringtown, which runs along Hwy 24 on the south and southwest sides of Leadville. Stringtown was the smelter area for the nearby mines. I lived there for a short while 30+ years ago, and visited the place a lot--a close friend owned a home there, he and his wife had twins there. I used to see neighborhood kids playing, tunneling and such, in the tailings/slag piles. I always wondered about contamination in the area.