June 21, 2016

I Could See This Happening in My Colorado County

Utah federal wildland engine crews (Associated Press).
"Drones Deter Utah Firefighting Operation":
Wildfires have long attracted amateur photographers, and inexpensive drones equipped high resolution video cameras have proven a temptation to fly around fires. Larger drones have occasionally been used by firefighters -- with appropriate safety measures -- to conduct surveillance.

Firefighters worry a small plane or helicopter might collide with a hobbyist's drone, causing a crash. Firefighting aircraft are already operating under often-chaotic conditions in tight canyons and in low visibility, and pilots say drones can increase the risks.
And the drone operators would be saying, "I'm not causing a problem / I didn't know I was causing a problem. I'm just shooting video to put on Facebook and YouTube. I'm one of the good guys."

Maybe it's because they don't really think of themselves as pilots, and don't have pilot training. And they don't know how risk-adverse the feds are when it comes to fire-fighting deaths.

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