June 09, 2016

Mama Fox at the Den

As I posted six days ago, M. and I found a fox den up behind our house at the end of May.

I put up a camera, and then we took off on a trip out of state. Today I retrieved the data card. When I get a moment, I will try a different, better camera.

Meanwhile, all I saw was various views of what I assume is Mama Fox — and an interloper.
The little red fox outside her den on June 1st.

It's Zoe, a neighbor's German shepherd. Normally she is behind a fence
about 350 yards away — no distance to a big dog — but on last Friday
morning she was out running loose — her nose led her to the den.

Mama Fox was still out and about the following night.
(The infrared flash makes her eyes glow.)

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