January 18, 2017

Eat Peppers, Live Longer? Also Prehistoric Cattle and Stuff.

Portuguese Maronsa, part of the gene stock (CNN).
Some people found these boots' tracks to be offensive. The designer has been sent to a social-justice re-education camp. Or would have been, but is probably in China, where they just move on to the next knock-off and counterfeit.

¶ If I can't have mammoths in Arizona (They used to live there), I will accept aurochs in Eastern Europe. I have seen some negative comment on the Tauros Programme though, although this CNN story claims,
The animals get closer with each generation, and the team have the advantage of being able to test the offspring's DNA against the complete genome of an auroch, which was successfully sequenced at University College Dublin.
¶ "Eat Peppers, Live Longer?" Well, yes, sort of, says the New York Times. Duh.

¶ In firewood, fat is good.


Peculiar said...

I guess no one in CNN's crack staff of editors and fact-checkers was aware that "aurochs" is the singular form of the word. Sigh.

On the other hand, hooray for aurochs!

Darrell said...

Some roommates and I harvested some pinon for firewood many years ago. That stuff burned super bright and hot.

As for cooking with such wood--a friend invited me to a hot dog cookout one day, out by Turquoise Lake, when I lived in Leadville. We got there, he proceeded to pick up a bunch of deadfall branches from the forest floor, it was pine and such. I'd expected him to bring charcoal, but nope. The hot dogs tasted like turpentine. Ugh.