May 14, 2022

Negotiating with a Chesapeake

A couple of weeks ago I was unloading Marco at "the pond" when I met a guy preparing to leave, along with his friendly chocolate Lab. Noting Marco's breed, he recited — like I had never heard this before — "You ask a golden retriever. You train a Labrador retriever. You negotiate with a Chesapeake Bay retriever.

Bear in mind that Marco arrived as a 10-month-old whom I don't think had every experienced water outside the baths he got at the breeder's kennel during his short career as a show-puppy. 

It took him two or three visits to get accustomed to bigger water, but there is something to the idea of breed predelictions. Collies like to herd other critters, and Chessies like to splash and swim.

Now we are at this stage:

Marco: I'm ready. Throw the bumper!

Me: You need to sit here by me. Marco! Come!

Marco: Are you kidding? I'm in the water. Throw the bumper! 

Me: Marco! Come!

Marco: You going to make me? You and whose army? THROW THE BUMPER! 


He brings it to the water's edge, but he does not want to come out himself, until I start to leave while offering him a treat. Then he is right there.

We will keep working on the fine points. It is just so good to see him in the water.

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Galen Geer said...

Love it, er, him.