May 02, 2022

What the Spring Breezes Bring Us

Some National Weather service video from Saturday afternoon, April 30, 2022. As three fires burn west of Las Vegas, New Mexico, a dust storm rolls south from Baca County, Colorado, the heart of the 1930s Dust Bowl, and continues across the Oklahoma Panhandle.

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Taku said...

Awesome video, thanks. Last June I was on the Pack Creek fire in the LaSal Mountains. The IMET was watching outflow boundaries that originated in afternoon thunderstorms around Laramie WY and he predicted would hit the fire in the middle of the night. We could watch the boundary advance, getting weaker and weaker, but still about 0200 to 0300 it hit the fire causing a wind shift and increased winds. still amazes me what distances outflow can travel and influence local weather