January 14, 2008

Blog Stew a la Velikovsky

• Did a comet wipe out Pleistocene megafauna and the Clovis culture? Folklore scholars would be a little skeptical about a 13,000-year oral tradition.

Lesbian park rangers. Probably not what you were thinking.

• Tamara protests the trend towards gaudy roadside memorials.

Now it seems like every other telephone pole and tree trunk on some of the more enjoyable back roads is festooned with enough plastic flowers, ribbons, and shiny bits to make it look like a Filipino jitney bus has crashed into a roadside shrine to Our Lady Of Guadalupe, Patron Saint of Chupacabra Victims. Driving down some stretches is like motoring through Graceland on the anniversary of Elvis' demise, except tackier.

Yeah. Some 16-year-old killed from Colorado Springs killed himself on a dirt bike near our house in 2006. His friends periodically renew the cheap plastic flowers on the white cross embellished with his name in Lowrider script. Do they wonder if my neighbors want to look out of their houses and see this memorial to some high-testosterone, low-sense kid? I doubt it. One day it will disappear.

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