January 06, 2008

Hominid Behavior for Dummies

Correct mountain-lion encounter behavior as laid out by the South Dakota Division of Wildlife.

There was a time, I am sure, when everyone knew this stuff -- a couple thousand years ago.

Number 7 might be summarized as "Act like an angry ape."


Steve Bodio said...

Sensible, finally. The amount of denial around big predators is amazing.

My late friend Floyd killed one with a bow when he was hunting elk, in full stalking mode and about 30 feet away! He had chased it away twice already.

Have you read The Beast in the Garden?

You ought to tell of your own experience.

Chas S. Clifton said...

Oh yes, I have blogged David Baron's book more than once.

My experience of being stalked did not end in a thrilling climax, which is why, thus far, it seems unpublishable, unless I were to include it in some longer piece.

Jackie said...

Good info in that link. I've been perusing you site a bit and enjoying many of your posts.