January 20, 2008

Clark's nutcracker

Clark's nutcracker tackles the suet-cake feeder.
Clark's nutcracker, showing its long bill

I mentioned on Friday that a Clark's nutcracker (named for William Clark) had showed up at our house, a little lower in altitude than we normally see them.

Unfortunately for its peace of mind, the Clark's is big enough to trigger Shelby the ninja collie's prey reflex. She will let finches and juncos walk right past her as she lies under near the bird feeder waiting for squirrels, but anything jay-sized or larger has to be chased. So she wound up behind a gate on the veranda today so the Clark's could work the the suet-cake feeder without interruption.


Anonymous said...

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mdmnm said...

Clark's Nutcrackers are some of my favorite birds. I always get a kick out of how they can find you as you hunt along the edge of some high, isolated meadow, then will pace you from tree to tree to see if you might be talked out of a piece of candy bar. Always good for company up in the high mountains.