January 12, 2010

Facts on Feral Hogs

Horrible Web design, but an interesting summary on feral hogs.

Feral hogs represent many unknowns to biologists, wildlife managers, landowners and hunters, and as one biologist so precisely put it, "feral hogs are an ecological black box."


Galen Geer said...

And I love to hunt them. Once you've eaten wild hog then store pork tastes like paper. We should plan a trip to go on a hog hunt. We could drive down to Texas from your place. Wouldn't Mary be thrilled to have you, me, maybe Jason all out in the yard working on skinning our wild hogs?
:) glg

Unknown said...

Turns out there's a wild hog population right in your backyard. My DOW sources tell me there is a problem on the Donley Ranch. Plus, there have been three separate reports of wild hogs in the Bear Basin Ranch area up here. I actually saw a digital photo of one.

Chas S. Clifton said...

As I once mentioned, I had a sighting not too far away as the crow flies.

And there was what Shelby found, which was even closer.