January 02, 2010

You Don't Get More Natural Than Poop

At Boing-Boing, they answer a "science question from a toddler: Why is poop brown?"

It turns out that there is a book about it.

When I was a college student, I attended a lecture by Yogi Bhajan, founder of 3HO and spiritual father of the New Mexico Sikhs, who informed us that if we were happy and holy, etc., our turds would float.

At the time, I merely wondered how Indian sages discovered that fact without a tradition of indoor plumbing.

Dr. Sheth might not agree with the guru, since he includes a chapter on "Floaters versus Sinkers" and tells Boing-Boing what I have heard elsewhere too:

Fatty poop also smells way worse than normal and it tends to float. "Like an oil slick," Dr. Sheth said.

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Holly Heyser said...


I remember the day my older sister came home from her first day at community college. One of her new professors had told the class that their poop should be the size of a banana and float.

She seemed mildly traumatized, but she ultimately got her bachelor's degree.

Love the poo doctor website...