January 18, 2010

Something Else Fisher Has Eaten

To the "things Fisher has eaten" category, add one bar of soap (hotel size).

We wonder if he will start blowing bubbles in a rearward direction.


Anonymous said...

My dog ate an entire bar of soap once, but it came back up a short time later. He was bubbling and foaming at the mouth til it came up. When given a bath he will still lick the soap off his legs...don't understand how that tastes good...
Is he still counter surfing?
I've used the mouse trap with newspaper trick to keep my dogs off the couch...worked well for me.

Chas S. Clifton said...

Uh yes, the counter-surfing. Still does it. We've taken Sometimes Far Afield's solution: Don't leave anything edible out lower than the top of the refrigerator.

He's a dog.