August 20, 2010

Off-roading Jerk Required to Confess on YouTube

Rickey Sharratt of Camas, Washington, possessed of more horsepower than brains, rams a state forest gate with his Chevy Blazer but is busted and forced to confess in public.

A "less-than-convincing performance," say critics.

I never thought of YouTube as the new electronic pillory, but if enough people link to it ...

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Peculiar said...

It would be nice to think that shame might have a salubrious effect on this subculture, but I can't say I'm optimistic. Best case scenario, this guy gets ostracized by his buddies for agreeing to make a nancy-boy confession. Worst case, he achieves fame as the badass redneck who rammed the gate and then suffered injustice from the left-wing enviro law enforcement conspiracy.

If someone who gets caught this red-handed only gets this slap on the wrist, is it any wonder that so many OHV folks blow off the laws? Given how unpoliceable the forests are, draconian penalties for the few who get busted seem like the only hope here.