August 18, 2010

Only in Pueblo ...

... does the public library sponsor a car show, this time in cooperation with the Sweet Dreams Car Club.

Pueblo is a car-mad town, as long as we are talking hot rods, custom cars, classic cars, lowriders, or variations thereof. It has this "rock 'n' roll will never die" attitude, and you can still cruise to the drive-in.

Now in my foothills hamlet, the little library sponsored an ice-cream social, followed by an appearance by Zion, a giant schnauzer for Jesus.

"Do we listen to Satan?" asks his trainer. Zion shakes his head vigorously.

Then everyone got in their pickups and 4x4's and went home. Hydraulics are for backhoes.

1 comment:

Coloradocasters said...

"Hydraulics are for backhoes" Amen, brother!