August 19, 2010

You Have to Watch Out for Literary Firefighters ...

One of Bigger Department's engines mops up after a grass fire. That is our tender far off to the left. Click photo to embiggen.
... who are composing blog entries in their heads when they should be watching where the nozzle is pointed.

Taken from the back of the brush truck while mopping up after a prairie fire this afternoon. Five engines and—best of all—a road grader were employed in stopping it.

Lesson learned on this fire: when attending in your personal vehicle, park it "in the black" so that you don't look up and realize that there is smoke on two sides of it. Duh!

M. could not believe it when the call came. It had rained hard at our house this afternoon. But not four miles away, the roads were dusty and the pastures were crackly dry.

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