April 25, 2011

Food, the Relationship-Killer

It's like the 19th-century temperance slogan: "Lips that touch wine shall never touch mine."

Only now it's all about food.

And lips that touch (or do not touch) meat, gluten, soy cheese, artisanal cheese, milk and meat together shall or shall not ever touch or ever touch again.

“There’s this feeling that if we eat the same thing then we are the same thing, and if we don’t, we’re no longer unified,” Dr. Zerbe said. She and Dr. Jaffe said sharing food is an important ritual that enhances relationships. They advise interdietary couples to find meals they can both enjoy. “Or at least a side dish,” Dr. Zerbe said. 
"Interdietary" — the gastronomic equivalent of "mixed marriage."

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