April 23, 2011

Tracing the Cult of Bubba-Hotep

Although Professor Houlahan locates the cult of the Emperor Bubba-Hotep as primarily occupying a swath of territory stretching from Maryland to Missouri, it is clear from my own excavations that cultic outliers are to be found in the Southern Rockies as well.

I have seen numerous votive offerings of the classic barbed-wire spools placed under sacred juniper trees, while other numerous offerings of food containers were sent "down the gully" if not "down the crick" not a hundred yards from where I now write.

In addition, followers of Prince Buckaroo-Hotep built little temples in virtually every canyon, valley, and mountain "park," where small groups gathered at intervals around cast-iron altars.

But what is most striking is the widespread evidence of a subterranean cult of Hotepism, whose devotees left behind miles of shafts,adits, and galleries as they dug deep in search of unnameable gods of the underworld.

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