June 24, 2012

Distracted by the Waldo Fire

Webcam shot from downtown Manitou with smoke from the Waldo Fire.
Of all the fires burning in Colorado today, the out-of-control Waldo Fire west of Manitou Springs, Colo., has the most of M.'s and my attention.

Manitou Springs is where we met and where we lived for our first years together — a total of fourteen years for her, eight for me. It is a still a sort of home town for us — a Charles Rocky painting of the town hangs on the wall of the room where I am writing this.

The idea that the town is completely evacuated (not to mention Cascade, Chipeta Park, Green Mountain Falls, and the rest) is completely astounding. Nothing like this ever before, despite its location in a forested canyon.

Add to that the fact that well could be an arson fire, perhaps set by the same serial arsonist who has been setting fires in Teller County, immediately to the west.


Darrell said...

Channel 5/30 is reporting on their website that the Manitou evac orders will be lifted at 8pm, so a little good news.

The C-130 tankers have been sitting on the tarmac at Pete Field all through the fires instate. Reports are that they may actually fly Monday.

Chas S. Clifton said...

I saw that about the Manitou evacuation. Some people packed but never left—they are probably feeling smug (and relieved) right now.

gl. said...
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