June 29, 2013

Condition Yellow

Some thunderstorms rolled through yesterday, although we got only the splatter from the — and a very welcome cool-down from the past two weeks' weather pattern, which has been temperatures into the high 90s F (35° C), relative humidity about 5 percent, and sometimes wind.

Yesterday M. drove through a full-blown dust storm on the prairie near Pueblo—visibility ending at the hood of her Jeep, she said.

She and I went to a training for the Community Animal Rescue Team today up in the county seat. Partway through, the town's fire siren went off, and the people with handheld radios (not me, stupidly) immediately started monitoring the traffic — volunteers from that fire department calling in, the sheriff saying that he was driving out such-and-such road to see if he could spot smoke.

Then as the session was winding down, radios crackled again. I caught a place name that was close to home, and I was out of my chair. "What are they saying?"

M. was ready to go right then, so we did, even though the call was only about a minor highway matter.

Now another thunderstorm is coming — will we get rain or just the wind and lightning?


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