June 13, 2013

Fawns by the Five-Pack

Fisher's Travel Crate is Appropriated by Fawns
Yesterday I posted the picture of a firefighter with a mule deer fawn during the Black Forest Fire; today I held it too. It's one of these five little mule deer. One of these was described to me as the "fawn that was on the news," and I think that it is the same one. Whatever.

One or two of these were rescued from the fire area directly. Three were already at the home of a rehabilitator who herself had to evacuate. Another transporter brought them from Colorado Springs to Penrose, where M. and I transferred them to our Jeep and brought them to Wet Mountain Wildlife.

I wonder if there will be more.

UPDATE: Here is KOAA Channel 5's news report about these particular deer, including "the famous fawn."


Holly Heyser said...

They look remarkably calm!

Chas S. Clifton said...

I just removed the crate's cover before that photo. But they had calmed down during the ride. Some were bleating at the beginning, and I kept saying, "Quiet, or the mountain lion will hear you."