June 14, 2019

The Poppies of Taos

One strong visual memory from the two summers that I spent working in the Taos, New Mexico, area during my undergrad years — away from Portland's drizzle -- was orange Oriental poppies against adobe walls. It is always rewarding to come back in June and see them again.

These are at the museum named for Taos artist Ernest Blumenchein (appropriate name, right?), but you can see them all over town.

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Darrell said...

Three things I remember about visiting Taos, while driving the Enchanted Circle route around Wheeler Peak:

I walked out to the middle of the bridge over the Rio Grande Gorge, just north of town, to take in the view. A semi turned onto the east end of the bridge, then put the pedal to the metal. The bridge shook like a wet dog when the trucker passed over it, scared the crap outta me.

I stopped at the Questa Café for lunch, a little south of the CO border. I had a chicharrones burrito smothered in green chili. Holy cow, that was good!

Driving down Cimarron canyon when heading back to Raton, a huge hailstorm hit. Driving conditions got so bad I had to pull off the road. It was like driving on ball bearings, zero control. Impressive storm.