August 29, 2019

The Dawn Cow-Rus

There was a herd of Black Angus cattle near our campground last weekend at State Forest State Park — I will be writing more about the park itself soon.

Tuesday morning they were right down around the trailer, noisily crunching grass, bumping the trailer (just once), and mooing, led by the cow-municator in chief.

He is not in this video, but there was a white Shorthorn* bull in with the Black Angus cows. That is one of his offspring there, I suppose.

Now I am thinking about a bovine smartphone app, like this one.

*I may have cousins in the cattle business, but I make no claims to expertise myself. But I think he was a Shorthorn, with the jowly face.


Peculiar said...

Sometimes at Deep Springs we'd hear that right outside the bedroom window. We'd know we wouldn't need to mow the lawn for a while, but might have to spend some time in the yard with a shovel.

Darrell said...

A neighbor had some property in the Wet Mountain valley. He put an old travel trailer on it to sleep in. Free range cattle pretty much destroyed the trailer scratching themselves against it.