June 27, 2007

"All My Flycatchers"

SEASON ONE: After a lapse of some years, Cordilleran flycatchers return to our porch. Lucinda (all females are named Lucinda) investigates a philosophical paradox.

SEASON TWO: Lucinda starts a new family. Again she lays four eggs, but only three young survive to fledge.

SEASON THREE: Lucinda starts to build a nest in the same old spot, but June 6 brings an unseasonal windstorm. On June 7, I notice that the nest is gone.

Lucinda and a male are still in the area; we hear their calls. On the 22nd, with M. and me away in Colorado Springs and the dogs shut indoors, she starts rebuilding.

And she is still rebuilding. Is there time to rear another brood? In mid-July, a contractor will be coming to install new double-paned windows about ten feet from her nest site. Will she tolerate the disruption?

Stay tuned for All My Flycatchers, Season Three!

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