June 03, 2007

Shooting Bears from the Porch

Black bear near the house.
This bear is violating the contract. Photo shot from the porch as the bear sulks near the house.

I agree that The Night Belongs to the Beasts. Any bird feeder left up after dark is fair game, and if some bear wants to regard it as a disposable sunflower-seed dispenser, then I accept the job of repairing or replacing it.

But showing up half an hour before sunset could be problematic. If I start taking feeders down in the afternoon, I run up against the well-organized black-headed grosbeak lobby.

Do we need new rules? "Feeders will only be put out when the dogs are on the veranda to watch them?" "Feeders will only be put out if Chas is on the veranda with a shotgun?"

Besides, this particular bear has been walking around the house in the afternoon, too. I suspect it is the same one that tore up an anthill near the vegetable garden a few nights ago too. So now we are on its food trail. (Of course the garbage cans are kept indoors.)

Can't we all just get along?

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