June 25, 2007

Voodoo Greenwashing

Damn near any product can be "green," if you are creative enough.

lastic-handled paint brushes were touted as nature-friendly because they were not made of wood. Wood-handled paint brushes were promoted as better for the planet because they were not made of plastic.

An electric chainsaw? Green, because it was not gas-powered. A bug zapper? Ditto, because it was not a poisonous spray. Manufacturers of paint thinners, electrical screwdrivers and interior overhead lights claimed similar bragging rights simply because their plastic or cardboard packaging was recyclable.

Via Glenn Reynolds.

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Anonymous said...

Hello –

My company recently released an article about the bad business and questionable ethics tied to marketing campaigns built around greenwashing. The article can be read here: http://www.kolbrenerusa.com/news/current.htm , if it something you like, you are more than welcome to link to it on your website. We are attempting to reach others who share our negative view on greenwashing. Enjoy!