June 18, 2007

'Transitioning' into Montana

I mentioned Larimer County, Colorado's, online Code of the West.

But some find such documents a little ... harsh.

Counties throughout Montana have long published Codes of the West for newcomers, which basically warn them not to expect the same level of government services they received back East and not to be shocked if, say, they wake up one morning to see a rancher driving cattle through their yards.

“When you read them, they sound almost punitive,” said William Bryan Jr., executive director of the Rural Landscape Institute.

Instead, new Montanans can view the Path to Eden DVD, narrated by anchorman Tom Brokaw and designed "assist landowners in transitioning into Montana’s rural way of life." Renters and students are on their own, I guess.

(Via Mary Scriver.)

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Steve Bodio said...

I don't think Tom has known anyone who is not a millionaire as an adult. (Well, Libby once, at dinner, and she who had no TV didn't know who he was). And re "green" (via other post): don't you know that it is OK for Tom and McGuane and Yvon and others with three houses and a couple of ranches to go on jet and copter expeditions to Siberia for salmon because they are Green and therefore Good? Somehow reduces their carbon footprint I guess...

Brings out my inner Trotskyist...