October 12, 2007

The Minnesota Mountain Lion

As long as I am posting about game-camera photos, a hunter's camera has now proved the existence of cougars in northern Minnesota.

Bill Berg, now retired after a long career as wildlife biologist for the DNR in Grand Rapids, says he saw two videos and a few pictures of mountain lions in northern Minnesota, but it was always difficult to know if the animals were wild or escaped pets.

But Berg doesn’t doubt that a few mountain lions exist in Minnesota at any given time.

“No doubt there’s an animal now and then, and I think some of them are wild animals dispersing and some are cats that got too big for the kitty litter.”

Usage question: Can we call them mountain lions in Minnesota, which is a little short on actual mountains?

Without actual mountains, seizing the moral high ground in the best Boulder, Colo., style will be only a metaphorical act.


Anonymous said...

ohh there are more than just a few of these mountain lions in minnesota, i live in northern mn and just over the few weeks of deer season i heard and saw pictures of cats in 4 different areas and 2 of these sightings had multiple cougars

Anonymous said...

I was talking with a guy who has a farm back in the woods,very secluded in the longville MN area and he has seen 2 different cats in the past 2-3 years.